(18+1)x1 Pump and Signal Combiners

DK Photonics’ (18+1)x1 Multimode Pump and Signal Combiners is designed for high power applications. It features exceptional optical characteristics.


DK Photonics’ (18+1)x1 Multimode Pump and Signal Combiners is designed for high power applications. It features exceptional optical characteristics. These devices can combine 18 pump lasers and 1 signal channel into one fiber and create a high power pump laser source, delivering the combined power for applications in industrial, military, medical and telecommunications markets. It has a heat sink package and a hole for temperature monitoring.

DK Photonics’ Multimode Pump and Signal Combiners offer efficient power transfer for high power applications like direct diode materials processing and pump cascading with a maximum conservation of brightness. The Multimode Pump and Signal Combiners can be designed to meet a wide range of power handling configurations, number of input fibers and adaptation to different fiber types.

We can produce Pump and Signal Combiner including (2+1)x1,(6+1)x1,(18+1)x1and so on.Pump fiber,singal fiber and output fiber type and the configuration can be customized.If you do not see a Pump and Signal Combiner from the standard configurations that meets your needs, we welcome the opportunity to review your desired specification and quote a custom Pump and Signal Combiner. Requests for custom pump fiber,singal fiber,output fiber type and the configuration,the handling power or other specific needs will be readily addressed. DK Photonics can respond to custom requirements with short lead times.

Features Applications
  • High Power Transfer Efficiency
  • Low signal insertion loss
  • Custom Configurations Available
  • Fiber Laser Combination
  • High power Amplifier
  • Fiber instrument

Performance Specifications

Parameters Value
Product Code PSC18101001 PSC18101002 PSC18101003 PSC18101004
Signal OperatingWavelengths 1030-1080nm 1530-1580nm 1030-1080nm 1030-1080nm
Pump OperatingWavelengths 800-1000nm 800-1000nm 800-1000nm 800-1000nm
Number of -Multimode Inputs 18 18 18 18
Number of Signal Ports 1 1 1 1
Number of DCF Ports 1 1 1 1
Pump Input Fiber 105/125um,NA0.15 105/125um,NA0.15 105/125um,NA0.22 105/125um,NA0.22
Signal Input Fiber 6/125 SC 8/125 SC 10/125um DC 10/125um DC
Output Fiber 10/200um DC 20/200um DC 25/250um DC 20/400um DC
Maximum Pump- Insertion Loss <0.5dB <0.5dB <0.5dB <0.5dB
Maximum Signal- Insertion Loss <0.8dB <0.8dB <0.8dB <0.8dB
Power per Multimode Input 25W 25W 25W 50W
Optical Return Loss- Pumps 45dB 45dB 45dB 45dB
Dimensions T2,T3,T4,T5

*Specifications may be change without notice.

General Configuration for (18+1)x1 Combiner: 

Type Pump fiber Input signal Output fiber Max.Signal IL Min. Pump Effi. Max.Pow-er Handling
(18+1) ×1 105/125 0.15 6/125 SC or DC 10/200 DC 0.8dB 95% 25W/leg
(18+1) ×1 105/125 0.15 6/125 SC or DC 20/200 DC 0.7dB 95% 25W/leg
(18+1) ×1 105/125 0.15 6/125 SC or DC 25/250 DC 0.7dB 95% 25W/leg
(18+1) ×1 105/125 0.15 6/125 SC or DC 30/250 DC 0.7dB 95% 25W/leg
(18+1) ×1 105/125 0.15 8/125 SC or DC 20/200 DC 0.7dB 95% 25W/leg
(18+1) ×1 105/125 0.22 10/125 SC or DC 25/250 DC 0.7dB 95% 25W/leg
(18+1) ×1 105/125 0.22 12/125 SC or DC 30/250 DC 0.7dB 95% 25W/leg
(18+1) ×1 105/125 0.22 15/125 SC or DC 30/250 DC 0.7dB 95% 25W/leg
(18+1) ×1 105/125 0.22 6/125 DC 20/400 DC 0.7dB 96% 50W/leg
(18+1) ×1 105/125 0.22 8/125 DC 25/300 DC 0.7dB 95% 25W/leg
(18+1) ×1 200/220 0.22 10/125 DC 25/300 DC 0.7dB 95% 25W/leg
(18+1) ×1 220/242 0.22 10/125 DC 20/400 DC 0.7dB 96% 50W/leg


  • Other configuration and higher power handling can be customized.
  • All combiners default with bare fiber,0.8m length of pigtail, please contact us for special request.


Package Information

Package Type T1 T2 T3 T4 T5
Dimensions (mm) Ф3×54 65×12×7.5 70×12×8 65×12×7.5 65×12×7.5
Positioning hole(mm) / 7.0×54 7.0×54 8.4×54 12×54


Order information


Port Power per Multimode Input Input Pump- Fiber Type Input signal- Fiber Type Output- Fiber Type Package-Type Fiber length
21: (2+1)X131: (3+1)X161: (6+1)X1181: (18+1)X1 05:5W10:10W25:25W40:40W



XXX-(fiber name) XXX-(fiber name) XXX-(fiber name) T1:T2:T3:





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